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“When results matter and quality needs assurance, we find it prudent to enlist assistance on the basis of talent over the guise of the thriftiness. Most homeowners enjoy a tremendous amount of pride when it concerns their home or property which is why it's essential for an outfit responsible for bettering or improving the home to be one of merit, repute, and integrity.”

Ridgeback Construction LLC

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For over a decade, our company, Ridgeback Construction LLC, has been one Utah's premier general contracting companies with specialized experience in new home construction and custom renovation services. We take into account the specific needs of our clients, the true vision they have for their property, and apply that to our generations of construction experience; thus bettering the homes of our communities, one residential project at a time. With a clear appreciation that a person's home is much, much more significant than merely a few walls with a floor, some windows for ventilation, and a roofing system, we dedicate ourselves towards upholding construction standards that emphasize quality, safety, and innovation. To best safeguard customer satisfaction and ensure our general contracting, new builds/construction, and renovation services are geared towards longevity & reliability, we actively work in tandem with every client, fellow contractor, utility representative, or any county officials.

We encourage any prospective clients seeking custom home construction or home improvement options through renovations & remodeling services to take full advantage of the cost/obligation-free consultations we offer in support of local construction-based projects. This affords mutual opportunities between our company and (active/prospective) clients to become better acquainted with not only one another but to become more familiarized with the actual project at hand and its overall ambition as well. For the convenience of our local patrons, our services, including renovations/remodeling, new builds, and general contracting, are available for commissioning every Monday through Friday, during the hours of 7:00 am to 6:00 pm - with specialty scheduling available by appointment only.


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